I don't how you found me, but you did. Before I tell what this is & who I am. I will tell you what this is not & who I am not.

I AM NOT a 10 year experienced professional looking to sell services.

THIS IS NOT a blog for advertising Fashionnova

I AM NOT a person that. has it figured out & now looking to inspire and influence others.

I AM NOT the person who lives this wild, glamorous crazy, party, dancing on poles and bars lifestyle while showing it all on the snap.

I AM NOT a girl who buys any thing to JUST take a picture for the Insta.

I'm just a current back to college young lady working in the fashion industry who is trying to figure it all out as I go.

The main reason for this website is to show -  fellow mates and like minded fashion troopers who also aspire to get in, thinking of getting in or are in the early stages of the fashion world - my personal process, experience & perspective as I continue this voyage of what I like to call #fashionprenuerism ( not a word, but I like it ! )
I believe that everyone's story is different as it should be but not enough people are telling it.
I always find myself asking :

What's the story, what is the process like, what is the state of mind? how did these great, inspiring, and successful human beings in this ever so cut throat industry make it. Because YouTube, biographies and other sh*t can only tell me so much and when it is told there is always this feeling of something is missing cause the question of HOW still roams circles around my head.

Like don’t you wish Monica Rose, Karl Langerfeld, Isabella Blow, Edmund had something they could control to better communicate there story to give us that much more than an interview more than another fashion show, an editorial or it’s inspiration, just more ! Well I do ! I crave for it.

Because the fashion and the industry of the business, for me, is a science, a study and a practice. Not one that is easy for it is forever on the wheel of change, fascinating, but even more mind-blowing are the scientists who run it.

So in this website/blog I just aim to connect with others in this industry whether you are a photographer, aspiring model/stylist, emerging designer, a fashion student/blogger, someone who is just starting there own online boutique ect. So that you and I are not alone. So that we can build something stronger than, “hey go like my Instagram post, thank you” relationship.

For me it’s about building a foundation even if its just 2 people, I’ll be grateful for even that.

Anyways, hope you guys find something you like, something of relativity, something that you can relate to and connect with me on. Or if you find yourself in Miami, hey ! Hit me up ! Leave a comment, say what’s Gucci - I’ll get back to you.



Career/Professional Background & Present.

Iliana “illy” Perez is a fashion editor, marketer, stylist, & coordinator based in Miami.

Specializing in all things fashion related such as , editorial styling, fashion production, small business marketing and consultancy. Completing her Bachelors in Fashion Business at the Miami International University of Art & Design. She began her creative venture early at the age of 12 through photography, editing, self-modeling and digital design. After graduating high-school she went off to college to pursue a career in the business of fashion. Interning and working with small businesses, designers, manufactures & startups such as A7 Jeans, Fox House, Designer Julian Chang,  Maker's Shoes. In addition she has worked and assisted in various fashion production shows such as  Oscar de la Renta, Perry Ellis, Miami Fashion Week, Funkshion - to name a few.  Through out her experience she has equipped an array of multifaceted skills such as visuals, design, writing, creative direction, photography, collaboration, social media, styling, and production.  

As of current she is the acting editor/buyer/stylist & creative at Style Link Miami - a new women's clothing fashion online-only start-up founded in 2014 by Joanne Echevers